Recent/Upcoming Publications

-Highlights Magazine, "Sunning Seal," June 2016

-Ladybug Magazine, "Swinging into Town," July/Aug 2016

-Cricket Magazine, "The Best Use of Space," September 2016

-Highlights Magazine, "Ittleby Fein and the Third Bad Thing," September 2016

-Ladybug Magazine, "Chick-a-dee-dee," May/June 2017

-Babybug Magazine, "Piff and Her Sandbox City,"
May/June 2017

-Our Canada Magazine, "As Old as the Mountains," June/July 2017

-Highlights Magazine, "Bea & Hank," September 2017


Maxine's Markers, Colouring Book, Warner Press, 2017 ISBN:9781593179090

Lily in the Loft, Picture Book, YNWP, 2017 ISBN: 978-1-927756-91-1 (softcover)